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art sanctuary summer
“Art Sanctuary, Spring”
limited edition of 20, size 11″x14″
art sanctuary autumn
“Art Sanctuary, Autumn”
limited edition of 29, size 11″x14″
art sanctuary winter2
“Art Sanctuary, Winter”
limited edition of 25, size 11″x14″

This series of prints are of the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, and were funded by a grant from Society for the Encouragement of the Arts’ Partner with an Artist Program, made possible by financial support form the Bruce J. Anderson and Selma and Andrew Bayness Funds of the Boston Foundation. The Rocky Neck Cultural Center, a former church, is the home base of the Rocky Neck Art Colony and venue for art exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

Two Gloucesters, Original Print by Jane Keddy“Two Gloucesters” 2010—limited edition of 20, size 16″x 20”The idea for this print came from a photograph I took while aboard a sailboat in Smith Cove in Gloucester. The view is from the water looking up the hill at the stately mansions perched above. To me, it represents the two distinct Gloucesters: one of the working people of the fishing industry and the other of the privileged class. Both coexist and both contribute to what makes Gloucester special. Our Lady of Good Voyage, Original Print by Jane Keddy

“Our Lady of Good Voyage”, 2012 limited edition of 30, size 14”x17”

The iconic church in downtown Gloucester is reminiscent of the Portugal where many of the Gloucester fishermen hailed form. The spires topped with bright blue paint and golden crosses flank the statue of Our Lady who cradles a ship in her arms, protecting it from the perils of the sea. Not only is it a stunning building, but it represents so much of Gloucester’s fishing roots.

Good Harbor at Dusk Print, Original Print by Jane Keddy“Good Harbor at Dusk”, 2014, limited edition of 20, size 10” x30″

Good Harbor beach is one of my most favorite places in the world. I love it in all seasons, but it is especially beautiful at dusk, when it empties out of crowds and then becomes still and quiet except for the sound of the surf. Dusk isn’t quite as colorful as I portrayed it, since the beach faces east, but I have taken artistic license to portray it as I see it my mind’s eye. This is a panoramic print framed with a mat cut with six windows, giving the impression of looking out from an expanse of windows.

June In Harborside, Original Print by Jane Keddy“June in Harborside” 2009—limited edition of 20, size 11” x 14”Harborside sits on the idyllic Blue Hill peninsula in downeast Maine where I spend much tie in the summer. This is that perfect time of year when the lupine are in full bloom and the summer has just begun. Unlike my usual cut-stencil method, this print was created using the block-out method, layering each color on top of the others.
 sunday morning“Sunday Morning Coffee with You”, 1976, limited edition of 26, size 11″x 14″This stove resided in my first solo apartment in Brookline.  I loved it’s vintage look against the bright orange I had painted the walls. This print was selected to be part of the Boston Printmakers’ annual show at the Decordova Museum in 1977. home alone on an august night“Home Alone on an August Night”, 1976, limited edition of 26, size 14″x 11″This was my first multicolored, limited edition print after mastering the technique of silkscreening. The warm earth tones convey a sense coziness and warmth.
Deep Winter Blues1“Deep Winter Blues”, 1977, limited edition of 24, size 14″ x 15 1/2″This print was conceived during a snowstorm in a dark period of my life when I was living in my studio i Cambridge. The loneliness and isolation are portrayed through the somber colors and starkness of the scene. Fantasy Escape1“Fantasy Escape” , 1977, limited edition print of 22, size 6″x “9This photosilkscreen print was inspired by a photograph of my parents at a relative’s wedding soon after they were engaged. My parents’ marriage ended in divorce many years later, so I envisioned my mother as a ghostly figure in the foreground, while her true self looked on from her perch on the stone wall.
On the Lawn1“On the Lawn”, 1978, limited edition print of 49, size 18″ x 22″This print was taken form a blck and white photograph of me and my three roommates when we attended a Bonnie Raitt concert at the Music Inn in Lenox, Mass. in the summer of ’77.